Saturday, January 28, 2012

Q3 is going to be interesting…

It’s at least going to be very different from Q1 and Q2.

Three reasons!
  1. The buzz in the Rotman building has changed dramatically. Recruiting week is over and we have been in classes for two weeks now. But the chatter about finding summer internships is constant and for most, school has become that thing getting in the way of finding a job (whereas, in Q1 and Q2, finding a job was that thing getting in the way of school.) Everyone is in a different stage of the job-hunting process. Some are networking, some are interviewing, some have received an offer and some have signed a contract. It’s a stressful time for all. 
  2. The classes are also quite different in that they are less numbers-heavy. We only have exams in three courses (Macroeconomic Environment of Business, Finance and Strategy) and final reports or presentations for the other two (Managing Customer Value and Leadership.) One thing for sure is that there seems to be a lot more reading than before. And to make things worse, my two reading-heavy classes are on the same day which means I spend a lot of my time the night before reading pages and pages of cases and articles.
  3. For the remainder of the year, we have been assigned to new project teams. Just when we were getting used to working with our teams from Q1 and Q2, we were disbanded and introduced to new co-workers. To make things even more confusing, we have been assigned to a second team to work on a marketing simulation for Managing Customer Value. And if you really wanted to, there are several case competitions you can sign up for. There are no shortfalls of opportunities to work with different people!
There are also many interesting social events happening in the coming weeks, such as No-Talent Night and the much awaited Rotman vs. Schulich hockey game. Stay tuned for more stories!

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