Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Ten months ago, when I was deciding what schools would be a good match for me as I pursued an MBA, I discovered that most schools share current students' blogs on their websites chronicling their experiences in the program. I found a current student's opinion to be the most helpful in getting to know the school itself, the classes I'd be taking, what the student life is like, the career opportunities available, and *gulp* the new stresses and pressures I will be facing. Their blogs inspired me to start this one. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Since this is my first post, I figured I should tell you a little about myself. Here are the "Paige Donnelly FAQs."

What is your hometown and where do you currently live?

Toronto and Toronto. I grew up in the west end (Etobicoke) and currently live downtown, where I take advantage of the fact that all the necessities are no more than a five minute walk from my apartment. I also enjoy that I can get nearly anywhere via the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission, which provides public transportation to all ends of the city) and have little to no use for a car. 

What did you study for your undergraduate degree and where did you go?

Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (about 250 km east of Toronto.) I have never worked as an engineer, but I wear my iron ring proudly!

What kind of work experience do you have?

I have worked at Raymond James Ltd., a large North American financial services company for the past six years. I started in the Office Services department and now work as a Sales Associate. Since 2009 I have been studying to earn my CFA designation and wrote the level 3 exam just this past June. Cross your fingers for good news in one week!

What else do you do other than working (and soon, studying)?

I love sports! I currently play on two soccer teams and an ultimate frisbee team. I haven't played hockey for about two years now, but I hope to join a team once school starts. I am a Toronto Maples Leafs fan, and I (always) believe that this is our year!

What do you think is going to be more difficult: engineering or an MBA?

Good question! It's one I get a lot from my friends, especially the engineers. It's hard to say. It's common for the engineering students at Queen's to have ~30 hours of class every week. Plus there was countless time spent in labs and libraries in the evenings and on weekends. And based on what I hear from current MBA students and read on their blogs, doing an MBA is TOUGH! I don't think I can fairly answer this question without experiencing a few weeks at Rotman first. I will definitely touch upon this topic in a later post.

I know. Not much of an FAQ section. But I figure my interests will reveal themselves as I write more.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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