Monday, October 10, 2011


… of things I see when I decide to walk to campus which is rarely, and some other things too!

The University of Toronto is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Despite being in the middle of a huge city, there are a lot of picturesque places on campus. This weekend I took my camera with me while walking to school* and took some pictures along the way. Enjoy!

* I rarely walk to school (hence the extended title to this blog.) I purchased a year-long membership to Bixi bikes, which allows me to pick up any available bike from the Bixi racks and ride it to my destination, provided my trip is no longer than 30 minutes. Interested? Find out more here! 

Queen’s Park, home of the Ontario provincial government. This beautiful building is located at Queen’s Park Circle and College St., right beside campus.

Front campus. It was a Sunday morning when I took this picture (and an unusually gorgeous day for the time of year!) Normally, this area of campus is filled with students playing soccer, ultimate frisbee or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Front campus, a different view. I wish this picture turned out better, but I just wanted to show that the CN tower is visible from campus. And that large building on the right is Convocation Hall.

Some pathways in the middle of campus. A quick google search informed me that Sir Daniel Wilson (the person's name on that sign) was a University College professor of history and English from 1880 to 1892 and was the president of the University of Toronto from 1889 to 1892. 

Back campus. Likewise with front campus, this area is usually buzzing with athletes. You can’t see it in this picture, but Hart House is across the field and to the right. Hart House’s website describes it as “UofT’s living laboratory of arts, culture and recreation.” 

The front of Robart’s Library. Looks like a turkey, you say? Yeah… Not going to disagree with you there. But you can read more about the architecture here.

And finally, when I got to school, I set up on one of the couches in the Fleck Atrium at Rotman Central. You will become VERY familiar with this area, let alone this building.

I took this picture the next day (hence the “sudden” change in weather.) I’m not aware of any other University in North America whose football team gets to practice with a view of the city's skyline. This picture doesn’t do it any justice though, thanks to my wee point-and-shoot camera.

And now for something totally unrelated to these pictures… Q1 exams are coming up in a week! So I will likely not post another blog until they are all over. Wish me luck!

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